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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

So as I mentioned Tuesday, The Red Hot Chili Peppers were inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 14, 2012. Along with RHCP, other bands such as The Beastie Boys, and Guns N’ Roses were inducted as well.

To celebrate this achievement, The Red Hot Chili Peppers have recently released an album consisting of six covers by other Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members. This album is called Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Covers EP and includes songs by The Ramones, David Bowie, and Neil Young.

I was stoked when I found out that RHCP was covering a song by Neil Young! This song, “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere”, was released in 1969 and was Young’s second studio album. (Fun Fact: “Cinnamon Girl”, “Down by the River”, and “Cowgirl in the Sand” were all written for this album while Young had 103° F fever). Neil Young has been inducted into The Rock and Roll hall of Fame twice; once in ’95 for his solo career, and again in ’97 for Buffalo Springfield.

Almost all of the most famous bands and solo artists in history have been inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Some musicians have even been inducted more than once! Neil Young has been inducted twice; once in ’95 for his solo career, and again in ’97 for Buffalo Springfield. Other artists to have been inducted more than once include: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Graham Nash, Stephen Stills, Michael Jackson, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and Paul Simon. Eric Clapton is the only person who has been inducted three times.

What do you think about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Who are some of your favorite artists who have been inducted? Is there anyone who you think should be inducted? Comment below!


After The Gold Rush

To finish up our week of the Godfather of Grunge, I chose to listen to “After The Gold Rush”, another one of my favorite albums written by the great Neil Young. Once again, Neil Young’s poetic and lyrical genius is illustrated. I love the way that his music makes one feel as if they were a part of the song and the story.

The songs on this record speak for themselves. Every one is a classic. You’ve probably heard many of them. If you haven’t listened to “After The Gold Rush” in its entirety, I suggest you do.

Everybody's Rockin'

Today, I decided to listen to the album “Everybody’s Rockin'”. This record features Neil Young and The Shocking Pinks and was written by Neil Young while he was going through a rebellious stage in the ’80s.

As the story goes, Neil Young was told by his record company, Geffen Records, to make a “Rock & Roll” record. This was after his previous record, “Trans”, which was a synth/ electronic record. Neil Young decided to make a record in the style of Rock & Roll from when he was a kid. The result was an album of songs with stand-up bass, old time piano and guitar, and doo-wop singers. Soon after the release of this record, Neil left Geffen Records and signed with Reprise and continued to release amazing Neil Young records, from electric to acoustic to country.

Comment below and tell me what you think of Neil Young’s rebellion!

On The Beach

Today, I decided to listen to the record On The Beach. My Dad picked out this album because it is one of his favorite albums by Neil Young. He says he really loves this record because of the moody tone and the emotional and heartfelt songs.

I didn’t recognize the album at first, but as the needle found its groove and the music began to play, I realized I had heard this record when I was younger. The first track, “Walk On”, is one of my favorite Neil Young songs; However, I never knew it was on this record. It has a really cool melody and sounds like a really fun song to play. I also really like the song “Motion Pictures (For Carrie)” because my Dad plays it on the piano all the time. Also, I find the lyrics to be very profound.

Released in 1974, On The Beach was released as a triptych along with Time Fades Away and Tonight’s The Night. This record trio was released directly after his chart-topping best-seller, Harvest. These albums became known as The Ditch Trilogy because of their dark, haunting brilliance. When talking about his hit song “Heart of Gold”, Neil Young stated:

“This song put me in the middle of the road. Travelling there soon became a bore so I headed for the ditch. A rougher ride but I saw more interesting people there.”

Comment below and tell me what you think of The Ditch Trilogy! Is it a musical masterpiece? Or a terrible turpitude?

Neil Young

Neil Young is one of my favorite musicians of all time. I love the lyrics he writes for each song, his musical metaphors that accompany his mind-blowing melodies, and his ability to write beautiful acoustic pieces as well as rockin’ electric guitar arrangements.

This week I will be listening to a variety of his albums, from his most famous hits to his rebel rockabilly records to one of his earliest works. I hope you enjoy this blast from the past as we experience the musical genius of the Godfather of Grunge himself, Neil Young.

Neil Young

As I looked through the records upon the shelf once again, I decided to choose an album by the godfather of grunge himself, Neil Young. I decided to listen to the album “Harvest” because I had heard that it was a classic. According to my Dad, this album was such a big mainstream hit that soon after, Neil became a recluse and wrote several dark and intense records in a row. I was excited to hear the music that was popular in the ’70s.

As I watched the record spin round and round upon the turntable and listened to the record start to play, old memories suddenly flashed before my eyes. I remembered listening to these songs when I was younger, back when my Dad used to play these records more often. Just hearing the melodies and rhythms brought me back to a time of the past, a time when records and tape cassettes were still commonly used. Even though I may only be sixteen years old, I too remember these days.

Released February 14, 1972, this album’s 40th anniversary was just last week. This album topped the Billboard 200 album chart and included the two hit singles “Old Man” (#31) and “Heart of Gold” (#1). With the guest vocals of David Crosby, Graham Nash, Linda Ronstadt, Stephen Stills, and James Taylor, this album was the best selling album of 1972.

Have you ever been listening to a song and had a flashback moment? Comment below and tell me your story.