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Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed

Broken Record

You might be thinking “Didn’t he already do an entire weeks’ worth of blog posts about album artwork?”. Yes, I did indeed dedicate an entire week towards album artwork (see here). However, today I will be showing you art made completely out of records including sculptures and more that will captivate your eye and leave you asking why.

Tidal Wave Record

Fish Record

Butterfly Record

Chair Record

Record Ball

Cassette Record

Balloon Record

Mickey Mouse Record

Gun Record

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What do you think about this artwork? Comment Below!

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Vice Re-Verses

To continue the countdown to Record Store Day, I decided to check out a new album that is going to be released on Record Store Day and only on Record Store Day. This first album I checked out was Vice Re-Verses by Switchfoot.

Switchfoot is a Contemporary Hard Rock band and plays a kind of music unlike the kind I usually listen to. However, I have quite an eclectic taste, so I like a wide variety of styles of music. Of course, I tend to mostly listen to Classic Rock, however, I have an appreciation for almost all music, no matter how soft, loud, soothing, or noisy it may be.

I am particularly excited for Vice Re-Verses, not only because I like Switchfoot, but also because of its album art. Like its brother, Vice Verses (released September 27, 2011 on CD and mp3), Vice Re-Verses‘ album artwork seems to say “Vice Versa” at first glance. However, if you look a little closer, the “a” is actually an “es”. This optical illusion is one of the things that drew me to the album, just as Santana’s self-titled album did (To see this blog post, click here).

Can you spot the optical illusion? What kind of music do you like? What kind of music gets on your nerves? Comment below!

And Vinyly

I love to listen to vinyl. I know that many of you like to listen to vinyl too. But do you love vinyl so much that you would want to be turned into one when you die?

And Vinyly, a company based in the UK, allows you to “live beyond the groove” by turning your ashes into a vinyl record! Believe it  or not, for only $3000, you can record a personal message, an original track, or simply the pops and crackles as you spin around the turntable and they will press your ashes into an actual, playable vinyl record!

Some packages they offer include original artwork by James Hague and Paul Insect, a selection of predetermined backing tracks to enliven your vocal tracks, or even original music written and produced specifically for you. Also, if you would still like to be buried when you die, it will only cost you an arm and a leg.

So do you love vinyl so much you would be willing to be turned into one? If you could be turned into any record, what would it be? Comment below and tell me what you think!

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Alchemy by Dire Straits

To finish up April’s Awesome Album Artwork, I decided to look at an album unlike anything I’d ever seen before. The album Alchemy: Dire Straits Live is interesting because it appears to be a collage of a guitar, a leg, two moths, a horn shape (maybe a moon?), an ear, an arm, and a variety of unrecognizable shapes and objects.

Released in 1984, this was the first studio album released by Dire Straits. The album art was taken from a painting by Brett Whiteley, an Australian artist and two time winner of the Archibald Prize.

This album, along with the others from April’s Awesome Album Artwork, show how diverse album artwork can be. The cover of the album expresses the artist’s image and the message they are trying to get across. An album cover could be a collage of random objects, a portrait of a band, a fantasy world from a dream, a sunset, a broken umbrella, a tire in a desert, a reflection of a musician, or anything you could imagine. Album artwork is a big part of the culture of music and is one of my favorite parts of listening to records.

Comment below and answer this question! If you could design any album cover, what would it look like? Who would you design it for? What would the message be?

It's Only Rock 'n Roll

Today in the week of April’s Awesome Album Artwork, I decided to go a bit more artsy and look at the album It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll by The Rolling Stones. This album caught my eye because it looks as if it came right out of an art gallery. The album depicts the band walking down a red carpeted staircase, surrounded with women holding bouquets of flowers.

Released in 1974, this album was designed by Guy Peellaert. Guy Peellaert was nicknamed “The Michaelangelo of Pop Art” and designed covers, not only for The Rolling Stones, but also for others like David Bowie. In 1974, Peellaert also published the book “Rock Dreams” which included fantastical and iconic images of the giants of rock and roll such as Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Velvet Underground, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and CSNY.

Jimi Hendrix

Art by Guy Peelaert
Found at

The Beatles

Art by Guy Peelaert
Found at

Crosby Stills Nash & Young

Art by Guy Peelaert
Found at

Superstar Bob

Art by Guy Peelaert
Found at

Velvet Underground

Art by Guy Peelaert
Found at

What do you think of Guy Peellaert’s work? Comment below and tell me what you think!


Today, I decided to look once again at one of my favorite albums of all time. Revolver by The Beatles has some amazing album artwork that I just had to check out. Unlike the fantasy world that the cover of Yessongs by Yes had, this album cover was a collage filled with assorted photographs and drawings that never ceased to amaze me. Not only was I drawn to this record because of its music, but also because of its astonishing album artwork as well.

Released in August of 1966, Revolver‘s name is a pun, meaning both the handgun and the ability to revolve, like a record on a turntable. Revolver‘s album artwork was created by Klaus Voormann, with pictures taken by Robert Whitaker.

Fun Fact: A few of the suggestions of the name of this album include: Magic CirclesBeatles on SafariPendulum, and even After Geography as a play on The Rolling Stones’ Aftermath!

Revisit one of your favorite records and pay attention to the album art! Does your idea of the message behind the music change when you looked at your album’s cover? Comment below and let me know!