Tilly’s High School Nation Tour

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Music
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On October 3, 2012, I attended the Tilly’s High School Nation Tour. Around eleven o’ clock, I headed down to Peabody Stadium at Santa Barbara High School, where the stage was set up and where I would soon begin one of the greatest times of my life.

As some may know, music is a big part of my life. I love music and everything about it. I love listening to music- it doesn’t matter if its vinyl, tape cassette, CD, or mp3; I will give it a listen. I love to play music- I play the piano most every afternoon and I play music with my friends whenever possible. I love to talk about music, especially with other musicians- whether it’s the time signature, tempo, treble and bass, verses, or choruses. My love of music combined with my newfound love for photography made this experience quite memorable.

The show began with a musical act called Camryn. At the beginning, I was reluctant to venture to the front of the crowd to take pictures. However, as I grew used to being “the guy with the camera”, I became adapted to the setting. I even brought myself to take advantage of my confidence and proceed backstage to get even better angles. (I was lucky enough to have a backstage pass from my photography class and from being a part of the school newspaper, The Forge.)

Next up on the lineup was STAMPS The Band. I had listened to this group music before so I was excited to hear them play live. I was able to talk with the guitarist and the bassist prior to their set. I became friends with the two of them and I was even able to jam with them in their tour bus afterwards.

After STAMPS, came a solo act by the name of Bryce Avary aka The Rocket Summer. I was able to talk with him before his set as well and he seemed like a really chill dude. The highlight of his set, by far, was when he invited my friend, Griffin, on stage to beatbox and freestyle rap alongside him.

To finish up the show, a band by the name PK performed. PK easily had the biggest crowd and performed to the crowd quite well. I was familiar with PK because they had played at my school the year before.

Overall, I had a wonderful experience and I hope that a similar event happens again soon. I loved being able to converse with the musicians, as well as photograph them while they were in the spotlight.

  1. dsbg15 says:

    Belfiore told me that the high school nation tour was not coming back because of the negative responses by a large number of students.So that’s a bummer… I enjoyed the concert as well and it introduced me to some new bands, but my favorite was PK. I went to the 4th and 5th period concerts.

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