This weekend, I went to my friend Adam‘s house. Adam is an interesting fellow. He loves to listen to Classic Rock just as I do and we share some common interests in music. For example, we both love The Beatles, as well as many other Classic Rock artists.

This week, Adam has been engrossed with Jack White’s new release, BlunderbussAs I wrote about in last week’s post, Blunderbuss is Jack White’s first solo album and was released on April 24 (To see Jack White blog post, click here). Because of Adam’s newfound interest, he has bought the vinyl version of this album of which I have been lucky enough to listen.

I myself have always been a Jack White fan as well. Although I have never been the fanatic that Adam has been, I love listening to The White Stripes or The Raconteurs. I dig the fact that Jack White has decided to release a new album.

Some of my favorite songs on this album include: “Sixteen Saltines”, “Love Interruption”, and Adam’s favorite “Freedom at 21”. One thing I love about this album is the fact that it flows quite smoothly. Each song blows your mind with its lyrics and guitar licks, but no song is terribly different from the other. Jack White has really outdone himself this time and I can’t wait to see what he has in store.

What do you think about Blunderbuss? Comment below!

  1. ecadad says:

    I love Jack White! There isn’t a bad song on that album!!! And Adam’s music is incredible!

  2. Gardner's World says:

    As JW has set himself a very high standard, there are major expectations of each album or project, yet he always seems to deliver

  3. Adam B. says:

    I can’t wait for more of his music to come out.

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