Jack White


Just 3 days ago, Jack White released his debut album Blunderbuss. To celebrate Jack White’s first album, here are 10 cool facts I bet you didn’t know about Jack White!

1. Born July 9th, 1975, Jack White was born in Detroit, Michigan as the youngest of 10 children!

2. His birth name is John Anthony Gillis.

3. Jack White is obsessed with the number “3”.

4. Jack White was accepted into a seminary school and was going to become a priest. However, he had just gotten an amplifier and didn’t think he would be allowed to take it with him. So instead, he decided to go to a public school so that he could pursue a career in music.

5. His record company, Third Man Records, is named after the upholstery shop he owned called Third Man Upholstery.

6. Before Jack White was a guitarist, he first learned to play the drums. He picked up the guitar and piano soon after.

7. The White Stripes’ hit song “Seven Nation Army” came from the name that Jack gave The Salvation Army as a child.

8. While playing in The White Stripes, Jack White often called his drummer, Meg White, his older sister. However, in reality, they were a divorced couple.

9. Jack White can play the marimba.

10. In 2003, Jack was in a car accident in which he broke his finger.

What is you favorite Jack White song? Comment below!

  1. ecadad says:

    I love Jack White! You should review Blunderbuss, it’s a fantastic album.
    My favorite Jack White Songs:
    -Freedom at 21
    -Bone Broke
    -I’m Slowly Turning Into You
    -Let’s Shake Hands
    -Sixteen Saltines
    -I Fought Piranhas

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