Record Store Day Part 5: The “Grate”-est Day

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Music
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Grateful Dead

Record Store Day is almost here! Less than 24 hours until records around the world will be released to the public. Some will make their premiere on this amazing occasion, while others will only be available that day. One of these records is Dark Star: Europe ’72 Olympia Theatre – Paris, France 5/4/72 by The Grateful Dead.

The Grateful Dead have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My parents are Dead Heads, so songs like “Box of Rain” and “Sugar Magnolia” often echoed around the house. When my Dad found out that his favorite band would be releasing a new record, he was ecstatic to add another Dead record to his collection since he has every other one on vinyl already.

This album consists of the song “Dark Star” from the band’s tour in ’72. This is longest and previously unreleased version of this song in Dead history. With over 40 minutes total, this album features 20 minutes of the song on the first side, followed by a mid-song drum solo and the song’s epic finale on the second side. This album will only have 4,200 copies worldwide (Get it?), so all you Dead Heads better “beat it on down the line”. I know that my Dad and I will be searching for this album. Best of luck to you!

What are some of your favorite records by The Grateful Dead? Any Dead Heads out there? Comment below!

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