Record Store Day Part 4: I’m An Analog Man In A Digital World

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Music
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The Grenade Sessions

Today on my way to school, I was listening to the radio and I heard a song I had never heard before. The song, “Analog Man” by Joe Walsh, told a story about a man who was still into vinyl, was living in a world of CDs and mp3s. Sometimes, I feel the same way about music. Although I am into the new ways of listening to music, I have to say that I much rather prefer vinyl.

Anyways, to continue on the topic of the countdown to Record Store Day, I have found a few modern pop artists who will be releasing their own vinyl records this Saturday.

First off, one of my favorite pop bands, Coldplay, is releasing an EP from their most recent album, Mylo Xyloto. (To see my blog post on Mylo Xyloto, click here). This record consists of the two songs “Up With The Birds” and “UFO”. Records are extremely limited, so you better get there quick!

Another pop artist with a new vinyl release is Bruno Mars. Bruno Mars was the best digital-selling artist in 2011. However, even Bruno Mars realizes the superiority of vinyl and will be participating in Record Store Day with his album The Grenade Sessions. This record includes, not two, not three, but four versions of his hit single “Grenade”.

What do you think about pop artists using vinyl? Comment below!

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