Record Store Day Part 2: Vice Re-Verses by Switchfoot

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Music
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Vice Re-Verses

To continue the countdown to Record Store Day, I decided to check out a new album that is going to be released on Record Store Day and only on Record Store Day. This first album I checked out was Vice Re-Verses by Switchfoot.

Switchfoot is a Contemporary Hard Rock band and plays a kind of music unlike the kind I usually listen to. However, I have quite an eclectic taste, so I like a wide variety of styles of music. Of course, I tend to mostly listen to Classic Rock, however, I have an appreciation for almost all music, no matter how soft, loud, soothing, or noisy it may be.

I am particularly excited for Vice Re-Verses, not only because I like Switchfoot, but also because of its album art. Like its brother, Vice Verses (released September 27, 2011 on CD and mp3), Vice Re-Verses‘ album artwork seems to say “Vice Versa” at first glance. However, if you look a little closer, the “a” is actually an “es”. This optical illusion is one of the things that drew me to the album, just as Santana’s self-titled album did (To see this blog post, click here).

Can you spot the optical illusion? What kind of music do you like? What kind of music gets on your nerves? Comment below!

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