Woodstock Ticket

This weekend, I celebrated my Mom’s birthday along with many of our family’s friends. One of our friends, George, gave me a copy of an original Woodstock ticket!  He also shared some really cool stories with me about what it was like to be at Woodstock. Valued as one of the most treasured concert tickets of all time, I was honored that he would give me a copy of the ticket.

When I first received this gift, I felt like I was back in August 1969 and on my way to the biggest music festival in history. I was amazed that the ticket only cost $7, especially since original tickets from the show are worth much more nowadays. I was honored to be able to see this ticket and even more so when he allowed me to keep a copy.

Comment below and tell me if you have any music memorabilia! If you could have any piece of memorabilia, what would it be?

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