April’s Awesome Album Artwork Part 5: Alchemy: Dire Straits Live

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Music
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Alchemy by Dire Straits

To finish up April’s Awesome Album Artwork, I decided to look at an album unlike anything I’d ever seen before. The album Alchemy: Dire Straits Live is interesting because it appears to be a collage of a guitar, a leg, two moths, a horn shape (maybe a moon?), an ear, an arm, and a variety of unrecognizable shapes and objects.

Released in 1984, this was the first studio album released by Dire Straits. The album art was taken from a painting by Brett Whiteley, an Australian artist and two time winner of the Archibald Prize.

This album, along with the others from April’s Awesome Album Artwork, show how diverse album artwork can be. The cover of the album expresses the artist’s image and the message they are trying to get across. An album cover could be a collage of random objects, a portrait of a band, a fantasy world from a dream, a sunset, a broken umbrella, a tire in a desert, a reflection of a musician, or anything you could imagine. Album artwork is a big part of the culture of music and is one of my favorite parts of listening to records.

Comment below and answer this question! If you could design any album cover, what would it look like? Who would you design it for? What would the message be?

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