“Starship trooper, go on sailing by; Catch my soul, catch the very night”

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Music
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Today, I decided to listen to The Yes Album by Yes. I decided to listen to this record because my Dad always reminds me when this band comes on the radio. He always asks me if I know which band is playing and I calmly reply “Yes”. “Who is it then?” he replies. “Yes!” I say. This goes on for a while until I finally give up. However, despite the fact that this corny joke comes up every time I listen to Yes, I was still interested in what their music was like.

As I placed the needle upon the record, I was soon joined by the sounds of drums and guitar, accompanied by the crunchy organ. This first song, “Yours Is No Disgrace”, seemed to go on forever and, by the standards of my generation, it did. The song was about ten minutes long! Nowadays, a song that is three minutes is considered a long song, but when this song was released it was pretty common. After I had finished this song and a few more, “Starship Trooper” began to play. I heard many poetic metaphors in this song, as well as the lyric written in the title. I, myself, am a poet and a songwriter so I am always excited to hear poetic lyrics and rhymes I hadn’t heard before.

Released in February 0f 1971, “The Yes Album” was the third studio album released by Yes. Not to be confused with their first album, “Yes”, this was one of the first albums that used a flanger to create a spacey electronic sound. This sound was used on the song “Starship Trooper. Upon its release, this record went platinum and peaked at #4 on the UK Albums Chart.

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