Harvest by Neil Young- “Old man look at my life; I’m a lot like you”

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Music
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Neil Young

As I looked through the records upon the shelf once again, I decided to choose an album by the godfather of grunge himself, Neil Young. I decided to listen to the album “Harvest” because I had heard that it was a classic. According to my Dad, this album was such a big mainstream hit that soon after, Neil became a recluse and wrote several dark and intense records in a row. I was excited to hear the music that was popular in the ’70s.

As I watched the record spin round and round upon the turntable and listened to the record start to play, old memories suddenly flashed before my eyes. I remembered listening to these songs when I was younger, back when my Dad used to play these records more often. Just hearing the melodies and rhythms brought me back to a time of the past, a time when records and tape cassettes were still commonly used. Even though I may only be sixteen years old, I too remember these days.

Released February 14, 1972, this album’s 40th anniversary was just last week. This album topped the Billboard 200 album chart and included the two hit singles “Old Man” (#31) and “Heart of Gold” (#1). With the guest vocals of David Crosby, Graham Nash, Linda Ronstadt, Stephen Stills, and James Taylor, this album was the best selling album of 1972.

Have you ever been listening to a song and had a flashback moment? Comment below and tell me your story.

  1. Sky whats good! its blake!
    Aj Henning has instructed me to grade one of your blogs.
    First off I like the use of the song in the title. Although i think it would be more creative if “Harvest by Neil Young” was not included.
    It has a photo, a call to action, and 5-7 tags..nice!

  2. AJ says:

    5 Does the blogpost have an interesting, engaging title? (5 points)
    10 Does it include at least ONE of the three elements of a good blogpost? (Comedy, Education, Inspiration) (10 points)
    10 Does your post include a photo? Is the photo your own or did you give credit if not? (10 points)
    5 Do you have at least one category? (5 points)
    5 Do you have 5-7 tags? (5 points)
    5 Is there a “call to action”? (5 points)
    10 Did you do all required blogposts for the week? (10 points)
    50 out of 50 points

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