Graham Nash

The album I chose to listen to today was “Songs for Beginners” by Graham Nash. This album is very close to my parents’ hearts because my Dad gave my Mom the album before they started dating. As I held the record in my hands, I thought about what it must have been like to have been listening to this album when my parents were young.

As I listened to the record, I felt a strong sense of emotion between Graham Nash and his lyrics. It was as if each song was telling a story from a part of his life. I also felt connected to each song as if I were part of the story and each lyric illustrated a new part of the story. Not only did I notice the emotion put into each song, but I also noticed the message of change Nash was trying to get across, especially in the track “Chicago”. My Dad told me that this song was in response the conflict at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968. Many lines in the song include the ideas of wanting to “change the world”.

Released in May of 1971, this was Nash’s first solo album and included an impressive group of guests to assist in the recording including David Crosby, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, Dave Mason, David Lindley, Rita Coolidge and Neil Young. Graham Nash was previously known for playing in The Hollies and CSNY. As one of the greatest singer-songwriters of all time, Nash went on to release five more albums after this one and still writes music today.

Comment below and tell me if music has ever changed your life. Have you ever been so connected to a song that you feel like it was written just for you?

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