The Doors by The Doors

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Music
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The Doors

Today, I decided to let my Dad pick out an album. He chose the album “The Doors” by The Doors. I hadn’t listened to much of The Doors before so I was excited to hear what their music sounded like.

When I first started listening to this record, I immediately noticed that there was no bass playing. The only recognizable instruments were guitar, drums, and keyboards. It was a distinct sound and I had never heard anything quite like it. I later found out that Ray Manzarek (keyboardist for The Doors) played the bass lines on the keys. My Dad said he was really into The Doors in junior high, around 1980, when the Jim Morrison biography had just come out. As one the most famous frontmen of all time, Jim Morrison was known for being a great poet and amazing performer.

Released in 1967, this was The Doors’ first album and featured their breakthrough single “Light My Fire”. The album became the #2 pop album shortly after with “Light My Fire” hitting #1 on the Pop Singles Billboard Music Chart in the U.S. This sunset strip band was known for their unique style and wild performances. Sadly, only four years later Jim Morrison met an untimely death due to a suspected drug overdose. However, to this day the events surrounding his death remain a controversy.

Comment below and tell me what you think. Was this rock icon really killed from drug overdose? Or was it all just a cover-up to hide something greater?

  1. Stephen Gallivan says:

    He died because he couldn’t find the next whiskey bar. (Alabama Song)

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