Revolver by The Beatles

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Music
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The Beatles The Beatles

As a special Valentine’s Day treat, I decided to play a record released by one of the most famous love song writing team of all time. Being the Beatles fan that I am, I was excited to finally place a record by the fab four on the turntable. This record came from the records of my grandparents collection which was handed down to my Dad and maybe will be handed down to me.

As I gently placed the needle of the turntable upon the record “Revolver” and listened to the wondrous sounds of The Beatles, I noticed that the music wasn’t as much of a folk rock style song like their previous album “Rubber Soul” had been. Most tracks on this album had more of an electric guitar-rock sound. However, each song had its own distinct style, unlike the Beatles’ music I had heard before. I was intrigued how the record had more of a psychedelic vibe unlike the Beatles’ previous tracks. My Dad told me that this record was a transition into the hippie era; a time of peace, love, and happiness but also a time of conflict and strife with youth protests against the Vietnam War.

Released August 5, 1966, this was The Beatles’ seventh album and was placed at number 1 in the All-Time Top 1000 Albums. The album included many hits such as Taxman, Eleanor  Rigby, Yellow Submarine, Good Day Sunshine, Got to Get You into My Life and Tomorrow Never Knows. This album is often regarded as one of the greatest achievements in music history and one of The Beatles’ greatest studio achievements. I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

What are your experiences with The Beatles? Leave a message in the comments below.

“All you need is love”

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