Brave New World by The Steve Miller Band

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Music
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The Steve Miller Band Album

On Day 2, as I looked through the shelves of my Dad’s record collection, an album by The Steve Miller Band soon caught my eye. This album was called Brave New World and it seemed like a good record to listen to since I already like many Steve Miller Band songs. As I queued up the turntable and placed the needle on the grooves of the record, I suspected that I would be hearing some of Steve Miller’s hits, such as “Take the Money and Run” or “Fly Like an Eagle”. As it turned out, however, I had chosen one of The Steve Miller Band’s first albums.

Brave New World, released in 1969, features a type of music I had never experienced before called “Psychedelic Blues”. Some of the songs on this album include “Celebration Song”, “Space Cowboy”, and “My Dark Hour”. Being the Beatles fan that I am, I never would have guessed that Sir Paul McCartney himself did backing vocals, bass guitar, and drums on both “Celebration Song” and “My Dark Hour”. McCartney used the alias “Paul Ramon” just as he did in 1960 when touring with The Beatles. I learned a few other fun facts from my Dad while we listened to this album together. Firstly, the song “My Dark Hour” uses the same primary guitar riff as “Fly Like an Eagle”. Also, “Space Cowboy” uses the basic guitar riff as The Beatles’ “Lady Madonna”.

This record was great to listen to. I loved hearing music from early in The Steve Miller Band’s career. I love being able to hear the origins of their music and how they played before their most popular albums were released. It has given me the drive to continue to listen to the music of famous bands in their early years, as well as their hits.

What are your experiences with The Steve Miller Band? Leave a message in the comments below.

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