The Turntable Generation

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Music
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My Dad's Record Collection

Today, I am looking at my Dad’s record collection. There are a lot of records. Four shelves full. From knowing my Dad and the music he listens to, I assume there are a lot of Classic Rock artists with many records on the shelf. He rarely listens to these records anymore. but he’s never gotten rid of his collection, like others have. I have recently discovered these albums and I plan on putting them on the turntable and giving them a spin.

This will be a journey. What will it be like to put a record on a turntable? Will it be a lot of work? It will certainly be different than simply pushing the play button on my iPod. I wonder how the sound quality will differ from that of an mp3. My Dad tells me that when he was my age, whenever he saved up some money, he would go to the record store and buy albums. Nowadays, I just go on iTunes or listen online. Times have changed. Maybe by listening to some of these records, I’ll be taking a step into my Dad’s past.

What are your vinyl experiences? Any records or artists I should check out? Leave a message in the comments below.

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